Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma) still has hill tribes with old cultural traditions, like the Chin in the hilly west part of the country. We visited this area (near the 3000 m. Mt. Victoria) in March 2003, and were invited by a local family in a small village into their house. We talked about their old animistic traditions (the ox is very important here) and how life has changed. To my enormous surprise , a small megalith was erected in their backyard. Upon questioning it appeared that this was the site where the ashes of died family members were deposited after cremation. The last burial in this tomb was that of the grandfather only a couple of years before.
Even when not covered by earth, the similarity to gallery graves in Holland (the hunebedden) seems striking.
The capstone was about .60 x 1.20 m. and the height of the tomb about 50 cm.

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