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Apart from that you may want to read about some of the little adventures I had while looking for stones you may follow either of these links:

or Isa and Kurt Jansson

* Discovering Prehistoric Britain - James Oyer  
* The Standing Stones of Europe - Alistair Service & Jean Bradbery  
* Stone Circles - Aubrey Burl  
* Guide Archeologiche 2 Sardegna - Alberto Morovetti & Carlo Tozzi
* Dolmens et Menhirs en Langudoc et Roussillion - Bruno Marc; Les Presses du Languedoc, Montpellier, 1999
* La Brétagne des Megalithes - Pierre Roland Giot; Editions Ouest-France, Rennes, 1997
* Archeological Survey of the Dingle Peninsula - Judith Cuppage; Oidhreacht Chora Dhuibhne, Dublin, 1986
* Scottish Prehistory - Richard Oram; Birlin, Edinburgh, 1997
* Visits to Ancient Caithness - Caithness Field Club; Thurso, 1982
* Scotland - Anna and Graham Ritchie; OUP, Oxford, 1998

Megaliths and fiction
Several novelists and filmdirectors have used megalithic structures in their fiction products, some giving them a prominent role. In the Malta section I have included a few stills from a movie, and below are two books from my own collection.


Neil Gunn's The Silver Bough (Faber & Faber, 1948; cover reproduced here is from the paperback Richard Drew Publishing, Glasgow, 1985).

In this novel Simon Grant, an archeologist, leads excavations inside a neolithic cairn with an outer circle of standing stones in the Scottish Highlands. Andy Mackenzie, a subnormal lad, is killed when a tall monolith topples over in the SW of the circle.

Then there is Elizabeth George's In Pursuit of the Proper Sinner (Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1999).

A detective novel situated in the Peak District that evolves around a double murder on the imaginary "Calder Moor". The victims are found in and close to the fictive "Nine Sisters Henge", a neolithic earthbanked enclose with a stone circle. The picture is from the map in the bound edition.

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