Patrick Sinclair

Our Ordnance Survey map indicated "stone rows" near Westerdale, 20 miles west of Wick. This corner of NE Scotland is remote, very remote as we found out. Small secondary roads, often single track, through an endless greygreen landscape. We lost our way several times, but finally reached Westerdale, a cluster of houses. The world seemed to end there.
We knocked on doors, and found the local postmistress in her beautiful garden. She knew something about the stones: "They're in Tormsdale, but you'll need Patrick, he is the expert!" She indicated the road to Strathmore Lodge, "he will be there!"
Single track road to the Lodge, timidly asking after Patricků"Oh aye he is here!" Patrick listened to our questions, smiled and with little hesitation jumped on his motorcycle: "Follow me!"
On the moor he walked with us to indicate the (I must admit, much overgrown) stone rows amongst the heather, and showed the way to the lovely gorge there. A haven of quietly floating water, green hillocks and the remains of a Norman Castle and an 18th century churchyard. A wonderful experience.

Patrick Sinclair, thank you.

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