Isa and Kurt Jansson from Korpo (FIN)

In May 2004 we cycled along the Turku Archipelago islands in the southwest of Finland. The Rauvais Bed&Breakfast was our (wonderful) home for one night, and next morning we asked our hosts, the Jansson family, actually as a fluke, if there were any megalithic remains in the area.
There were, on their own land, very close even, three sites: two (fortified) dwelling places and one burial site. When we asked how we could get there, we were without much further ado put in the family car and driven up a (very bad) woodland road in search of the sites. Mr. Kurt Jansson knew exactly where they were, and showed us around in the drizzling rain.
If in the end we did not find scrapers or other tools, it certainly wasn't because of the Jansson family, that showed such hospitality, warmth and interest.

Thank you so much!

PS a lovely B&B, too!

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